Keynotes and Public Speaking

I am a frequent speaker on the topics of blockchain, startup funding, and the particular technology themes impacting the venture capital industry.  Below, you can view a selection of videos and podcasts providing examples of my thinking. 

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, to your Board, team, or company please do not hesitate to reach out here.

Pricing: My typical rate is $250 per hour for local speaking and travel, or a travel / hospitality fee plus a day rate of $1,000 for international events. There are many occasions where my participation may be related to supporting the entrepreneurial community instead of a commercial arrangement. In those cases, it’s my honor to give back to the community of which I am a part. 

Social Innovation Summit

Stuttgart, Germany


Public Speaking





Culture + Tech

New York, USA

Other Speaking Engagements

Interview for Social Innovation Summit, 2018