I’m trying to build the smallest company ever.

My goal is to build the smallest company anyone has ever heard of. I’m not trying to raise VC, or expand into the European market by next year. Instead, I want to build the tiniest, most unknown company that resembles a lemonade stand in terms of its size.

The smallest company looks like this:

  • Have some crap in your apartment that you want to get rid of? I’ll come pick it up and get it out of there for you.
  • Buying a pair of shoes? I’ll go get them from the store for you.
  • Need a place to crash? You can stay on an air mattress in my living room if you’d like.

These are tiny transactions, but they were literally the origin stories of the companies that became:

  • 1-800-Got-Junk?
  • Zappos
  • Airbnb

Don’t code a new mobile app. Go solve someone’s problem in under a day’s time. And today I’m aiming to help a single person find some growth funding for their 2 year old bootstrapped company. No more, no less.

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