How Businesses Unconsciously March Towards Singularity

The companies who hold out, hiding behind firewalls and not engaging consumers with openness and transparency are the same as the individuals from primitive villages who were secretive and selfish – not sharing their day’s catch or those who steal resources from the community. Eventually, those individuals were either forced to join the rest of the village in a communal effort (instead of hoarding things for themselves) or they were fully ostracized – a potentially fatal destiny as living on their own was extremely difficult at the time.  

The same is true in modern business.

The singularity, in simple terms, is simply bringing things together. Knowledge, resources, information – which is essentially the only thing that any business has ever done. From bringing spices to the Americas from India shrinks the distance between two continents. The telegram shrunk the distance between two people. And modern businesses have simply developed more sophisticated models of doing the same thing – connecting two parties that were previously disparate.

Singularity will be when all information and all the resources of the universe are available to anyone, at any time, in an instant. And we’re working together to get there whether we know it or not. Even a horrific dictator, killing in the name of greed and power, is essentially doing so in the name of creating their own individual singularity

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